Commercial support
The following companies offer professional support services for libsodium and applications using libsodium:
Libsodium-specific services include:
    Cryptographic and implementation auditing of libsodium usage.
    Security review of constructions, protocols, and applications using libsodium.
    Consulting on libsodium usage in applications -- web apps, backends, mobile, embedded, kernel, etc.
    General consulting and review of cryptography inquiries.
    Implementation security and helping to work toward a vulnerability-free codebase.
    Reverse engineering of complicated binaries.
    General consulting, advising, mentoring, and development.

Paragon Initiative Enterprises (

Libsodium-specific services include:
    Library integration, with a focus on web applications (PHP, .NET, Python).
    Bespoke or standard high-level protocol design and implementation, e.g. Noise.
    Security audits, for in-house library integrations and/or high-level protocols.
    Custom application development that requires cryptography.
    Consulting and mentoring services.
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